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11/30 – CSDA Knights of Columbus Dance

Former students and old friends in South Carolina: I’m currently planning on attending the weekly CSDA Saturday evening dance at Knights of Columbus in downtown Charleston (143 Calhoun Street). I’m vacationing for Thanksgiving in the Low Country. The location of the event apparently used to be the Trio club (or Club Trio, as I knew it) — a lot of things occurred in that location in the formative days of the Charleston swing dance scene, lost to memory and time, now — I’m sure that I’ll be brewing with nostalgia. Daniel and Jan are likely to show up, too. So, Charleston be warned — your long-lost Raleigh instructor transplants are invading your interiors. :) 
Regular Dances
Lessons and Dancing Every Saturday Evening at Knights of Columbus 143 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC Series Lessons: 6-7 pm Beginner Lessons: 7-8 pm Dancing: 8-11 pm General Admission $5

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