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1/18 – Beginner Lindy Hop 6 Week Group Class

Coming in January! I’ll be teaching a six week course in Lindy Hop (the original swing dance) at Southern Star Ballroom Center, Inc. Class will be on Monday nights at 8 PM in North Raleigh. Give the gift of dancing for Christmas!!!

LINDY HOP is the ORIGINAL swing dance. It was derived from the Breakaway, tap dancing and the Charleston in the late 1920?s; and yes — It’s everything that you want swing dancing to be: excitement, energy, fun, and SO MUCH more. This class will focus on the core moves of Lindy Hop: the swing out and the lindy circle, transitions from 6 to 8 count moves, and basic turns! Gain access to an amazing tradition by developing a solid understanding of the dance fundamentals.
Contact SSBC for payment and enrollment. 919-977-3467 and southernstarballroom@gmail.com.



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