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1/29 – 6 Week Beginner Lindy Hop Series @ SSBC

LINDY HOP is the ORIGINAL swing dance. It was derived from the Breakaway, tap dancing and the Charleston in the late 1920?s; and yes — It’s everything that you want swing dancing to be: excitement, energy, fun, and SO MUCH more. This class will focus on the core moves of Lindy Hop: the swing out and the lindy circle, transitions from 6 to 8 count moves, and basic turns! Gain access to an amazing tradition by developing a solid understanding of the dance fundamentals.
Basic knowledge of east coast swing (triple swing) is preferred — but NOT REQUIRED. This class is approved for an absolute BEGINNER. Lets get started!
6 Week Courses:
Member’s pricing for 6 week Dance Courses are $75 per person for the entire 6 weeks (unless otherwise noted in class description). Guest pricing is $90 for the entire course. Classes will consist of 45 minutes of instruction and 5 minutes of supervised practice (unless otherwise stated by the teacher). You will need to plan on 50 minutes to 1 hour for each weekly class. The first class in each series is marked on the calendar by the code “6WS” and subsequent classes are identified by the “#” of the class.
Contact SSBC for payment and enrollment. 919-977-3467 and southernstarballroom@gmail.com.
6625-015 Falls of Neuse Rd. Raleigh, NC 27615

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