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6/14 – Arthur Murray Durham Showcase

Deejaying the Arthur Murray Durham Summer Showcase for Island Sound & Video at the Durham Convention Center and working with Whitewater Grigsby and Kara Clemins from the ISV Video Team. It’s going to be an amazing event with participation form the Cary Arthur Murray. and attendance from the Arthur Murray Triangle. Be there and experience an amazing night of dancing!!


6/12 – Friday Night Practice Party

Frankie returns to the ballroom to deejay the Friday Night Practice Party for Premier Dance Cary NC and Danceformation, Inc. Cary. Ballroom music and social dancing courtesy of the Frankie starting at 8 PM and going for an hour and a half. Rumor has it that Chantima Hagan will be bring some delicious Thai food! This party is currently FREE TO ATTEND for everybody. Please check out both studio websites for their combined class schedule.