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The Independent Instructor

Dance Instruction can be expensive — and not just because of the skills provided by the talented dance professionals. The overhead generated by expensive studios, decor, and their general maintenance can run the pricing of dance lessons, particularly private dance lessons, to 300% of estimated value.

Frankie Hagan provides concierge dance instruction for the greater Triangle as an answer to budgeting this particular problem.  Frankie allows time for scheduling lessons in private or home locations, and prices these services competitively!

When traveling to local home or office locations Frankie charges $60/hour for your dance experience.  Frankie charges $45/hour for coming into his private home location and working with him there, exclusively. Want a NEW idea for a surprise gift or couple activity?  Scared for the public to see you cha cha or bust out your special moves?  Want the exclusivity of a personal trainer n your own home?  THIS program is for you!!!  Contact Frankie today about pricing, travel, and more!  919-696-5770.

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