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SWING DANCING: Beginner Lindy Hop (6 Week Class)


Get excited about swing dancing!!
Melissa Garcia and Frankie Hagan are experienced lindy hoppers and they’re ready to share their knowledge and love of the original swing dance with YOU in their NEW 6 -Week Beginner Dance Series.
WHERE: The excellent Premier Dance Studio in Cary, NC at 1817 N. Harrison Avenue (Harrison Square Shopping Center), Cary, NC 27513 (919) 461-2295. A beautiful, friendly learning environment.
WHEN: Once a week at 9:00 PM for six weeks starting on September 12th, every Wednesday night. FIRST CLASS SEPTEMBER 12th!!!
PREREQUISITES – None (Some Dance Experience is recommended).
DESCRIPTION – START HERE if you’ve had some dance experience, or are pretty confident. Lindy Hop is the ORIGINAL swing dance. This dance was derived from the Breakaway, tap dancing and the Charleston in the late 1920s; and yes, It’s everything that you want swing dancing to be: excitement, energy, fun, and so much more. This class will focus on the core moves of Lindy Hop: the swing out and the lindy circle.
PRICING – To ensure your spot in class, we suggest registering and paying online. With this system, we currently accept credit cards via Paypal (payment button on www.dancefrankie.com). If you’d like to pay in-studio, you may also pay by cash or check directly to the teachers.
The prices below are for the whole 6-week series. There is no individual lesson pricing.
Class Series $65
Class Series (Student with ID) $55
www.dancefrankie.com (payment button on website)


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