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SWING DANCING: Lindy Hop Fundamentals – Final

The final non-consecutive class session of Fundamental Lindy Hop is this Wednesday at 9 PM at the Premier Dance Cary NC (July 11th). The following week will be the first session of the 6 week Intermediate Lindy Hop class. This week we will be incorporating 6 count sequences within 8 count lindy hop movements! Kellie Baggett and I look forward to seeing you! ($15 for pick-up sessions in this series).

PREREQUISITES: None (Some Dance Experience is recommended, only attending these three classes is not enough to move into an intermediate course). Appropriate for beginners or for students focused on refining fundamental dance concepts.

DESCRIPTION: START here if you’ve had some dance experience, or are pretty confident. Lindy Hop is the ORIGINAL swing dance. This dance was derived from the Breakaway, tap dancing and the Charleston in the late 1920?s; and yes, It’s everything that you want swing dancing to be: excitement, energy, fun, and so much more. This class will focus on the core moves of Lindy Hop: the swing out and the lindy circle.

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