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Welcome to dancefrankie!

Welcome to theĀ DanceFrankie.com website!

Frankie Hagan is a longstanding entertainment professional available for professional deejay services, emcee work, and individual or group partnered dance instruction. Frankie’s services can be utilized by planners and coordinators for performance or corporate events, competitions, weddings, colleges, churches, military institutions, and various social organizations. Lessons or classes can be scheduled for a single event or as a continuing series.

Deejay events and emcee events should be scheduled through Island Sound Music & Video Deejay Services in Raleigh, NC. Frankie now works independently as a dance instructor, and should be contacted directly for information on these services.

Frankie is also a contributing writer for Retrospective Magazine, and has written many columns and music reviews on retro-music and dance culture. Frankie has previously been a contributor for Retro Radar (formerly Atomic Magazine) and Port Halcyon. Frankie Hagan can be contacted to review an album of an appropriate retro genre.

This website is to be used as a resource for current entertainment projects involving Frankie, his experience, the material he covers, and what organizations he is currently associated with.

(919) 696-5770

Frankie Hagan: Dance Teacher